Where & How to Buy Shen Yun Tickets

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Shen Yun Tickets for the Lincoln Center performances can be bought in the following ways:

Online : www.TicketingBox.com/nyc

Very easy to use
Has graphic price chart, can hand pick tickets from the seating chart


* Page shared by all shows at the theater.  You need to click on the Shen Yun performing dates (June 23-26) in order to see Shen Yun showing up on the page.
* Click on the date on the calendar, make sure the show name is “Shen Yun”
* Then click the small text link of “Purchase” on the right to book the tickets.
* No seating chart available.

Hot line:

212-721-6500 (Center Charge)
800-818-2393 (CAR)
Make sure to call back if the line is busy – this show is really worth the effort to see!

Fax: You can fill up this order form then fax to 646-395-9123 or  800-818-2393

Box Office :

David H. Koch Theater is located on the south side of the Lincoln Center Plaza, at Columbus Avenue and 63rd Street. ( 20 Lincoln Center, New York, NY 10023)
Box office at David H. Koch Theater is open 7 days a week:
M 10am-7:30pm, Tu-Sat 10am-8:30pm, Sun 11:30am-7:30pm
There is a dedicated window with sign “SHEN YUN” on it. You can purchase tickets there and hand pick seats from the seating plan.


Seating Chart, etc.:

Donna Karan Host Opening Night Gala

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Donna Karan and over 100 invited guests enjoyed a grand reception immediately following the opening night performance. Dining on a lavish buffet provided by Empire Steak House and traditional Chinese delicacies provided by Radiance Tea House, guests mingled with Shen Yun’s principal dancers. On their way out, guests also received a delightful gift bag sponsored by Jimmy Crystal. A special thanks to Peggy Siegal for making the night a wonderful success!

“The Best of Shen Yun” Opens at Lincoln Center

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Shen Yun VIP night

The VIP session after the opening night of Shen Yun in Lincoln Center, June 2011

“The Best of Shen Yun” performances opened at Lincoln Center on the night of June 24th, 2011, to a packed theater, and counted world-famous artists and businessmen in the audience who had come to see the show.

Among the many audience members was Donna Karan, owner of the famous fashion label DKNY and founder of the non-profit charity Urban Zen. In an interview, Donna Karen said of the show, “What I loved about the show was the authenticity of it. It was taking me on a journey to the many aspects of China.” She also said, “When I saw the dance and the beauty of the synergy and the movement, there was not a singular person. It moved in unison, which was so beautiful.”

Kelly Rutherford

American actress Kelly Rutherford shares her experience at Shen Yun

American actress Kelly Rutherford, in a video interview, said “The dancers are amazing and they’re beautiful. And like I said they’re so incredibly trained. I mean I don’t know how they, must for years do this. They’re just perfect.”

Donna and Kelly were only a couple among the many famous artists, businessmen and VIPs who came to see the opening night of the Shen Yun Performances in Lincoln Center.